10 RM Testing

Purpose of test:

To evaluate muscular strength (American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM], 2006).

Equipment required:

• Weights, dependent on exercise to be examined

Test procedure:

The following represents the basic steps in 1-RM (or any multiple RM) testing following familiarization /practice sessions:

1.The client should warm up, completing a number of submaximal repetitions.

2.Determine the 1-RM (or any multiple RM) within four trials, with rest periods of 3 to 5 minutes between trials.

3.Select an initial weight that is within the client’s perceived capacity (~50%–70% of capacity).

4.Resistance is progressively increased by 2.5 kg to 20 kg until the subject cannot complete the selected repetition(s). All repetitions should be performed at the same speed of movement and range of motion to instil consistency between trials.

5.The final weight li!ed successfully is recorded as the absolute 1-R or multiple RM. (ACSM, 2006)