2 Minute Step Test

Purpose of test:

To assess aerobic endurance and lower body muscle endurance.

Equipment required:

• Stopwatch

• Tape measure

• Masking tape or marker

Test procedure:

Step 1: Establish the knee li! height

• Mark a point on the participant’s thigh, halfway between the participant’s

patella and iliac crest

• Measure from this point to the ground with a tape measure

• Place a mark on the wall with masking tape at the height from the ground to the

participant’s mid-thigh position.

Step 2: Give the participant these instructions

• On the instruction to start, step up and down on the spot.

• Lift your knees to the indicated mark on the wall.

• Continue to step as fast as you can for 2 minutes.

• If you tire, slow down or stop and rest.


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